Wolfgang Ryan

“Recycle Or Die!” is my motto. My work is the result of a compulsion to reduce waste by collecting it and converting it into something useful or beautiful, while indulging in a humorous exploration of my own personal history in the greater global cultural context.

My sculptural work highlights illuminated objects, cobbled together from the detritus recovered from the streets and dumpsters of New York; antique and junk shops; hardware and discount stores. Various parts are re-purposed to serve as quasi functional objects, yet remain art "thingies." I imagine a post-apocalyptic home environment, in which once familiar luxuries are recreated from available materials.

My Epiphany Paintings are crafted from found frames and saturated in vibrant paint and glitter. These monochromatic pieces are minimal, yet baroque, and recall the works of Yves Klein and Allan McCollom. Each one is an expression of pure, boundless, joy; that fleeting feeling you get when you gaze in amazement at the stars. The moment of the revelatory experience is recored as the title.

All of these ersatz creations are at once formal adventures, and are also chock full of simultaneous, intertwined “high and low” cultural references and multiple allusions. My sculpture toys with the tension between utility and uselessness, elegance and tastelessness. In my ad-hoc garden, my art is the fruit of an ongoing material and cultural salvage effort.